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You can generally locate anything related to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters from their website.  This page is dedicated to giving you up to date direct links to most available Teamster resources from the IBT website found at

General President James P. Hoffa

General Secretary/Treasurer Keegal

General Executive Board

Teamster Structure

Teamster Local Unions

Teamster Job Bank

Teamsters National 401(k) Savings Plan

Teamsters-UPS 401(k) Online Account Management

Resources for Members

Teamster Privilege

The Teamster Magazine

Teamster Banking Center

Accident Insurance

Auto and Homeowners Insurance

Credit Card

Teamster Vacations

Education Services

Everyday Savings (i.e. car rentals, flowers, computer discounts)

Health Discounts

Hospital Income Program

Legal Service

Life Insurance

Loan Program

Mortgage and Real Estate

Pension and Healthcare Benefits Update

Supplemental Insurance

International Vacation Tours

Hit Home Union Mortgage Program

Resources for Local Union Leaders

Resources for Local Union Organizers

Resources for Stewards

Resources for Students

Resources for Retirees

Resources for Local Union Lawyers

Resources for Teamster Benefit Trustees

Teamsters Online Press Kit

Recursos en Espanol

Resources on Training and Development (Educational Resources)

Resources on Safety and Health

Disaster Relief Fund

Human Rights Commission

James R. Hoffa Scholarship Program

Teamsters eDispatch (Teamsters Take Action)

Divisions and Conferences

Airline Division

Bakery & Laundry Conference

Brewery & Soft Drink Conference

Building Material & Construction Trade Division

Carhaul Division

Dairy Conference

Food Processing Division

Freight Division

Graphic Communications Conference

Industrial Trades Division

Motion Picture & Theatrical Trade Division

Newspaper, Magazine & Electronic Media Workers Conference

Package Division

Port Division

Public Services Division

Rail Conference

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers - BLET -

Solid Waste, Recycling and Related Industries Division

Tankhaul Division

Trade Show and Convention Centers Division

Warehouse Division

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