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The purpose of eTeamster is to provide you with the most comprehensive online resources and links for all things related to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union (IBT) and its affiliates.  With only five pages to navigate, you will find that this site will provide you the quickest access on the web to every Teamster site imaginable.

Here is just a brief overview of what you will find on this site?

Homepage - this is it, so go ahead and bookmark this site in your favorites so you can return here often for up-to-date links and resources.  This site is always being updated.  

Locals - This page will give you direct access to any of the locals that have a website.  If your local's website is not listed on the this page, please email it to us today at   

Gear - This page will provide you with direct links to Teamster products and insignia, including hats, shirts, jewelry, glassware, logo golf balls, and much more.

Sites - This page is simply a page that offers you links to interesting sites related to the Teamsters or the labor union industry as a whole.  For example, you may be interested in finding  grievance tracking software for your local union, a forum or blog, or perhaps you would like to see what kind of new and interesting products / services exists for union members like this private online union journal for you and your family to backup photos and files.  You will find it here.

IBT Resources - This page is dedicated exclusively to the IBT international website.  It provides you with direct links to some of the most popular resources available, including the history of the Teamsters union, benefit information, division links, and so much more.
Thank you for visiting and if you know of a website that is not currently listed on one of the pages, please submit it to, and please place a link to on your website as a valuable resource for your visitors 

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information for the Teamsters union and other labor union related communities.
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